(402) 289-2862   •   3405 South 204th Street, Elkhorn, NE 68022

M-F: 8am – 5pm Sat & Sun: Closed

(402) 289-2862   •   3405 South 204th Street, Elkhorn, NE 68022

M-F: 8am – 5pm Sat & Sun: Closed

Landscape Accessories


To achieve a landscape that will stand the test of time, you need to have the proper supplies for quality preparation, installation and finishing of your project.

We sell superior products from reputable manufacturers who specialize in the industry.

We stock and carry fabric, recycled polyethylene edging, paver edging, aluminum edging, joint set sand, retaining wall adhesive, sealers, and pumps and basins for your water features.

SRW Products

We carry a variety of different sizes of landscaping fabric, as well as 6″ fabric staples to help hold it in place.


Landscaping Fabric

Mulch Stabilizer

Mulch Stabilizer 




Penetrating Paver Seal


Low Gloss Paver Seal


High Gloss Paver Seal

Alliance Products:

G2 Gator Maxx Polymeric Sand

G2 Gator Maxx Colors

Gator Color Pallet


Gator Dust Colors

Gator Color Pallet

Gator Dust Polymeric Sand

Gator Base 

Gator Grid 4×50

Gator Rock Bond

Landscape Edging:

Image result for curv-rite 2000 series

Curve-Rite 2000 Series Aluminum Edging 

Available Colors for Aluminum Edging 

Comes in 8′ and 16′ sections 

Curve-Rite 3000 Series Aluminum Edging 


Landscaping Edging-paver-restraint- Omaha- Elkhorn- NE- plastic-accessories

Oly-Ola Flexible Bric Edge


Landscaping Edging- Omaha- Elkhorn- NE- plastic-vinal-accessories

Oly-Ola Black Jack Edging

Drain Tile:

4″ Solid Drain Tile – 100′

4″ Perforated Drain Tile – 100′

4″ Perforated w/ Sock Drain Tile – 100′


4″ Wyes // 4″ Tees // 4″ External Couplers //

4″ Internal Couplers // 4″ Caps //

4″ Elbows // 4″ Pop Up Emitters // Tile Tape //

4″ Large Down Spout Adapter //

4″ Small Down Spout Adapter

Basins and Pumps:

Image result for aquascape 46" basin

32″ or 46″ Round Basin

Image result for easy pro 26" square basin

26″ or 50″ Square Basin

Little Giant 1200 GPH Pump 


Little Giant 1900 GPH Pond/Waterfall Pump